Is There a Heaven & Hell?

     When I was in grade school the kids of my church (St. Paul’s Lutheran) were invited to watch a great movie which I had never seen and we watched it on a black and white TV with rabbit ears.  The iconic movie: “The Wizard of Oz.  Remember the part when Dorothy and her friends are ushered into the great hall of the wizard for a face to face visit.  If you read the Wizard of Oz this part is captured as “Toto…toppled over the screen that stood in a corner.  As it fell with a crash they looked that way, and the next moment they were filled with wonder.”
We all look forward to the time this happens in our life, right?  When we can experience the pulling back of the curtain and we can see God face-to-face.  Won’t we be filled with wonder??
This is the last question in the series:  What happens when I die?  What happen in the after-life?  The funny pictures television gives us is people on clouds, harps, etc.  One of the great myths is we all become angels.  Every pet lover hopes their favorite pet is there.  Will they?  Will we see loved ones?  Will they recognize us?
People are often surprised to learn how much the Bible has to say about heaven.  Some believe the heaven our loved ones are in now is the temporary or intermediate heaven.  Theologians call this the “intermediate state.”  One day this will be replaced with the permanent dwelling of God’s people called “A new heaven and a new earth” (Rev 21:1).

Come, Sunday, February 12 @11:00 am for worship service where we will talk about "where we go when we die."  Is there a heaven or hell and if so what it is like?  We have answered 6 God Questions and you can review these 6 sermon messages on our website under Sermon Archives.  
Blessings to all of you who read and use this sie.