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 posted by: marie evans on 1/13/2017

Please pray for Dean and I. The spiritual attack against us is very severe, day and night with many people involved. Pray for God to have his holy angels surround us and keep us from all harm. Psalm 91: 15 - 16 15 He shall call upon Me, and... Read More

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North Korea prison camp -(for reference)

 posted by: JONGHYUK LEE on 12/26/2016

Prayer Requests about North Korea concentration camp · For pregnant women , forced abortion ((especially 6 types of abortion means..) · Fetuses.. · Disable,disable babies (dragged to '49th ward' used as... Read More

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North Korea concentration camps (prayer request)

 posted by: JONGHYUK LEE on 12/26/2016

May I request third prayer request for North Korea concentration camp ? As prayer item I think this is the last one. Thank you for these prayer requests .. You guys are hope of the people inside the North Korea concentration camp . this time... Read More

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 posted by: marie grace on 12/5/2016

Dear Team Please pray for my family Your angels fight for me in the heavens against principalities and powers in the name of Jesus (Dan 10:13) Romans 16:20 And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under my feet. The grace of our Lord... Read More

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battling neurological issues,

 posted by: sarita on 12/2/2016

prayers I can make it to your church this sunday, I was going to take a cab last sunday but slept in, and than took long to get ready, battling neurological medical issues, thank u Read More

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dad has terminal cancer

 posted by: sarita on 12/2/2016

prayers for my father, sid, end stage of cancer, prostate and bone metasis, he got radiation, he says too painful, I love him so much, I don't know how much time he has, thanks Read More

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 posted by: Sylvan Abbey United Methodist Church on 10/5/2016

Please add Marie Fellenbaum who is fighting cancer to your prayers. Read More

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North Korea prison camp (prayer request)

 posted by: JONGHYUK LEE on 9/20/2016

May I request second prayer about North Korea here ? About 3 moths ago I asked you to pray...I was thankful for you last time.. the most concern I concerning about is that you pray for this times the people and don't pray for the people... Read More

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Why do bad things happen to such kindhearted people?

 posted by: Joanne on 8/25/2016

This is an ABC News Story about a young girl, in her 20s, living in Clearwater, FL for the past nine years by herself. However, Our Heavenly Father, threw her a curve ball, three and a half years ago, that knocked her down, and she hasn't... Read More

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 posted by: Michael Stewart on 8/16/2016

Having problems with his heart. He is wearing an heart monitor now. Read More

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